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Comprehensive printing services from Global Marketing

Global Marketing is producing various printing for 14 yrs. The production and office are located in Moscow. The printing residence makes use of pros who will experience a corporate decoration, production, delivery and identity of published goods. The company's gurus process somebody approach to every single client, according to his requirements and capabilities.

Services provided by the printing property:

Form of business personality, printing merchandise;

Printing: banners, offset and film electronic digital;

Printing for any format and circulation;

cutting, Stitching and embossing lamination;

Silk-display printing;

Tough deal with.

Products and services

Inside the printing residence Global Marketing you can order numerous printing goods, of the intricacy and objective; for each and every kind of merchandise, you will discover a variety of alternatives on the company's internet site.

The catalog posesses a wide selection of calendars needed for an advanced particular person or organization. You can purchase top quality wall calendars having a logo design from your printing residence, and it will be inexpensive to produce quarter photo calendars in spite of small printing runs; wall calendars are also available in any other style.

A quarterly schedule is a must-have for virtually any office, service and manufacturing investing firm, displaying the situations of 90 days, having the ability to symbol business events and strategy further affairs. In addition, every quarter wall calendars using the company's emblem certainly are a sort of advertising and marketing stunt along with a amazing gift for business partners.

Function of goods

The printing residence develops and manufactures lots of types of printing items for a number of uses:

For enterprise connections, function preparing;

Enterprise offers, campaigns, novelties;

For educational, enterprise events, shows;

Information products;

Marketing supplies;

Wrapping goods with promoting;

To specify items;

Souvenirs, festive printing.

For each client, the company's gurus will help you choose the best option for ordering printing merchandise, according to his requires, opportunities, and particular occasions. The printing home provides its services and high high quality merchandise at competitive prices.

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